Community-based learning

The Big Questions program provides community-based learning experiences for selected university students. It engages them in experiential learning which makes a contribution to the wellbeing of the community. The program recruits and trains ‘Philosophy mentors’ from a pool of senior undergraduate Philosophy students, who have traditionally had few opportunities to undertake community-based learning as a complement to their formal studies.

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Big Questions offers a range of special educational, professional experience and civic participation opportunities, helping to build students’ confidence, broaden their professional practice, and hone their conceptual, communication and facilitation skills. Students’ sustained commitment is rewarded by a richer learning experience, the satisfaction of making a difference, and the development of foundational skills necessary for entrepreneurship and engagement in civil society.

Among its many benefits, the Big Questions program:

  • provides mentors with practical, real-world experience

  • offers mentors enjoyment and personal rewards

  • helps shape the role of philosophers in society, and

  • offers school students important cognitive benefits, as well as personal and social benefits.

  • Young philosophers