Recommended resources

Mentors: These additional materials are recommended for your further development and personal interest.

1. The Philosophy Club facebook page. Scroll down to read quotes from children’s philosophical discussions.

2. Philosophy the answer for curious kids? An article by Amy Gray.

3. Susan Fink expresses the joy of teaching philosophy.

4. 9 year old discusses meaning of life and the universe. The youtube sensation, and Robert Krulwich’s blog post about it.

5. Freedom to think differently, or at all. A Think for a Change video blog by Cori Wong.

6. Real life philosophers on philosophy A Think for a Change video blog by Cori Wong.

7. Teaching students to ask questions instead of answering them. An article by Matthew Bowker about a question-centred approach to teaching.

8. Is Small Really Lost? The Encounter radio program takes us to Buranda State School in Brisbane to hear how philosophical inquiry works with 8 – 10 year olds and what occurs when 26 children reason and think together about the big questions of life.

9. Philosophy in Schools. The Philosopher’s Zone radio program talks with Peter Ellerton at a Queensland high school.

10. Ed Pod: Teacher Dan Smith at Stanmore Public School (beginning at 15 minutes from the start).

11. Teaching children to be philosophers. The Philosopher’s Zone radio program takes us to a Grade 6 class at Stanmore Public School in Sydney as the students grapple with what constitutes a meaningful life.

12. Philosophy in Education. One the Philosophy Now podcast, Peter Worley talks with Michael Hand and Stephen Boulter about whether children can do philosophy – and if schools should teach it, how should it be done?

13. Teaching Philosophy to Children. Jack Russell Weinstein interviews Maughn Gregory.

14. The Conversation. Ross Reynolds interviews Jana Mohr Lone.

15. Benefits of Collaborative Philosophical Inquiry in Schools. An overview of the literature by Stephan Millett and Alan Tapper, published in Educational Philosophy and Theory, 2011.

16. An interview with Stephen Law. Podcast by Kylie Sturgess on 365 Days of Philosophy

17. Kid Logic. Podcast episode from This American Life.