The Big Questions program would not be possible without the generous support of our volunteers.

Our volunteer mentors – students from Melbourne and Monash universities – have played a crucial role in the program. We appreciate their professionalism, energy and high-level skills, as well as their dedication to our training program. Sincere thanks to all our exceptional mentors:

2013 cohort – Emma Atherton, Shannon Brick, Martin Clark, Hannah Dallas, Brigid Evans, Christina Majoinen, Alex Mealey, Jan Mihal, Tanita Northcott, Caterina Pacitti, Kai Tanter, Bernard Wojcik.

2014 cohort – Carmen Acosta, Olly Armstrong, Andy Butler, Emily Duggan, Hannah Kerber, Katie Lyng, Alice Maxwell, Julian O’Donnell, Clarisse Thomas, Tristan Wong.

Young philosophers

Our actors have generously volunteered their time to the production of our philosophical short films. We gratefully acknowledge the expertise, talent and good sportsmanship of our actors Jack Walsh, Alice Cavanagh, Kara Lee and David Urbinder.