Cognitive benefits

“The idea of facilitating a free intellectual environment for kids – where they can just explore their world in ideas and words and the trying-on of different perspectives – is one that appeals to me enormously… I think everyone should have the chance to experience philosophy, and to develop critical and creative thinking skills that are useful to all areas of life.”
– a Big Questions volunteer

Young philosophers

Philosophical enquiry helps students develop the ability to make thoughtful and considered judgements. It builds their skills in enquiry, reasoning, critical reflection and creative thinking; provides opportunities to reflect on their values and principles; and often inspires a thirst for lifelong learning. Some of these benefits are difficult to measure, despite being widely anecdotally reported; but studies show that where Philosophy has been systematically incorporated into school curricula, students’ performance has measurably improved in verbal, non-verbal and quantitative reasoning.

Philosophical enquiry helps students develop a broad range of interdisciplinary thinking capacities specified in the Australian Curriculum in Victoria, as well as providing important personal and social benefits.

Young philosopher