School students speak

Philosophy is transformative!

“I learnt how to open my mind.” (Primary school student)

“It gave a new view on life.” (Primary school student)

“I went from an ordinary person to an extraordinary person through thinking and having discussions.” (Cazerlyee)

Philosophy changes how children think

“I thought it was very interesting being in the Philosophy Club and exploring ideas. I never really realised that this would be Philosophy. It’s kind of strange, to discover a whole new way of thinking.” (Bella)

“Doing Philosophy has changed the way I react to questions and think about them.” (Thida)

“Now I go deeper into the question.” (Leila)

“Doing Philosophy has really opened my mind when I am thinking of hard things. It has really helped my thinking.” (Lachy)

“I learnt to think more wisely.” (Sahnly)

“Philosophy has changed the way I think in a good way, to make better choices and to think about others and taking other things into my perspective.” (Ella)

“I think more outside the box now.” (Jesharma)

“Philosophy has made me think differently towards questions that that leave me confused and puzzled. It’s made me happier about knowing there isn’t always an answer.” (Kaylah)

Philosophy develops children’s creativity

“During Philosophy, I think I might have become more imaginative because I thought of a lot of things when we were having discussions.” (Arpan)

“I think more deeply and creatively now.” (Riya)

Philosophy ignites wonder and curiosity

“The sessions were about topics I haven’t considered or thought about, and it intrigued me.” (Raven)

“It really opened up my eyes to some extremely interesting things and I loved it so much. I thought it was very interesting and thought provoking.” (Maria)

“You have taught me many things about Philosophy – and believe me, I have wondered so many things. I wonder a lot about the future. I have a lot of questions…” (Arpan)

“It made me think about lots of things I hadn’t thought of before. I will not stop thinking about all the topics we went through. I think Philosophy will really help me in the future.” (Jaskeerat)

“I really liked talking about who we should give the immortality pill to, and the magical invisibility ring. I’m still wondering if a person can know what it is like to be a bat.” (Lichun)

“I like how we question each other, and disagree and agree, and build on each others’ ideas… like we’re real philosophers.”

Philosophy helps kids reflect on their opinions and construct reasonable arguments

“I would like to thank you for challenging me against my opinions.” (Caila)

“You have made me think deeper, so my arguments can be convincing… All the lessons have made me think deeper and reason [justify] my opinions. That will help me a lot in my future as well.” (Jaskeerat)

“Philosophy really made me think. Every time you say something back I have to think so I can respond properly. Philosophy has made me back up my opinion.” (Justin)

“Philosophy helped me argue my point of view.” (Chongjie)

Philosophy develops social-emotional intelligence

“Philosophy has changed the way I socialise. I now think about the consequences and benefits before I say what I think.” (Caila)

“I feel that I have become more open to people around me with my thoughts.” (Max)

“I liked sharing ideas because it helped me to understand everyone. I liked how we responded to each other’s ideas politely.”

“The most interesting thing I learned was: don’t be scared to share your opinions, whether you disagree or not.”

“I learned that you can disagree with people and everyone has different arguments.”

Philosophy builds confidence

“Philosophy has changed me, in a way. I was so shy that I couldn’t even talk. After a few weeks I got so confident speaking what’s on my mind.” (Krystina)

“Philosophy has changed me by speaking confidently around people. I am more confident in a big class now. I have started to contribute more ideas and this will help me in other group discussions.” (Daryl)

“Philosophy made me more confident at speaking to a group and also made me think more and change my mind.” (Lichun)

Philosophy is fun!

“The Philosophy project always made me smile and brightened up my day. I loved going back and talking to my friends about the program and what we’d done each week. I learned so many new things, even during games!” (Kaylah)

“Thank you for coming to Heatherhill and doing Philosophy with us. Can we have an excursion to your Philosophy place? I would like to go.” (Abishah)

“The questions were interesting and the show was entertaining. We got to experience new things and have fun!”

“I loved the whole program soo much! It couldn’t have been better!”

If you had to describe this Philosophy program in one word, which word would you choose?

“Awesome” “amazing” “fun” “extraordinary” “cool” “incredible” “fantastic” “fantabulous” “excellent” “braintwisting” “supergenius” “best ever!” (Years 4 – 6 students, Mahogany Rise Primary School)

Young philosophers

Download an overview of student feedback (2014). Or for further information about the impact of the program, download the complete 2014 evaluation report.